Employment Check

This is an an effective and accurate component in facilitating the integrity of your employee base. This provides valuable background about a potential employee’s work habits, attitude and integrity.

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Education Check

Verify a person’s educational history including institution dates attended, degrees received and additional information as available. This is an important step as education history from an applicant can often be inaccurate or incomplete.

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Database Check

The World-Check database of PEPs is used to identify financial, regulatory and reputational risk and heightened risk individuals. This reveals and alerts employers about any critical misconduct by the applicant in the past.

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Criminal Verification

Comprehensive criminal record checks are the best resort to having a workplace that is safe. Verification of criminal records and check for any unlawful activities at the concerned police stations. Court Record check through advocates.

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Our Motto

IQAnalytic Business Solution Pvt Ltd is highly specialized in Pre and Post Employment background screening and verification. We provide services to different corporate Companies to ensure that every detail mentioned in employee's CV is correct and free of any fraudulent information.Our comprehensive pre-employment and post-hire background checks are guaranteed to help you decrease corporate liabilities, reduce fraud, promote a drug-free environment and prevent violence and theft.Your Human Capital is Your Biggest Asset. Ensure Investing in the Best! Protect your Business with Regulatory Compliant Background Screening Services.


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We are one of the leading screening services company with group of experienced associates. Our aim is to provide spectrum of background check solutions for your business needs, help you avoid Liabilities of hiring wrong candidates and Ensure workplace safety